Install Fedora Linux 29 in iohyve

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We'll Install Fedora Linux 29 in iohyve.


Properly configured iohyve running on FreeBSD. All commands below run as root.


Fetch Installation Medium

iohyve fetchiso

Create VM

iohyve create fedora 100G
iohyve set fedora ram=8G cpu=4 os=centos7 loader=grub-bhyve bargs=-A_-H_-P_-u

Adjust to taste.

Install VM

iohyve install fedora Fedora-Server-netinst-x86_64-29-1.2.iso
iohyve console fedora

Install whole disk, LVM and XFS seem to work fine, regardless of documentation.


Start VM

iohyve start fedora
iohyve console fedora
iohyve set fedora boot=1

See Fedora Linux Post Install Steps.