Install Ubuntu Linux 20.04 LTS in vm-bhyve

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We'll Install Ubuntu in vm-bhyve.


Properly configured vm-bhyve running on FreeBSD. All commands below run as root.

Fetch image

Fetch the | Cloud Init image:

vm img

Create VM

vm create -c 16 -m 32G -t linux-zvol -i focal-server-cloudimg-amd64.img -C -k ~aram/.ssh/ ubuntu

Adjust the number of CPUs and memory to taste. A maximum of 16 vCPUs is currently supported in bhyve.

Start the VM

vm start ubuntu


Determine the IP and log-in:

ssh ubuntu@

Sadly vm-bhyve doesn't have any way of querying the IP, you need to search the DHCP logs or use ARP.

Complete the installation by following the Ubuntu Linux Post Install Steps.

Enable autostart

Make sure the VM is listed in vm_list in /etc/rc.conf.

vm_list="ubuntu vm1 vm2 ..."